Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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Any form of money represents just a useless digit if there is nobody who accepts its use. In that sense, regardless of whether crom as an ethical medium of exchange functions in the form of electronic money or paper banknote, there exists an indispensable need to expand the network, to extend business cooperation and to massificate and promote Crom Alternative Currency System. A fact that crom is an ethical means of payment that is out of the reach and influence of powerful financial and political forces, is not sufficient by itself for the popularization of this alternative worth appraisal and exchange system.

By achieving a greater sense of community via participation in sustainable local commerce - plain and simple - those who use Crom Alternative Currency must be satisfied with its functionality and with the sufficient number of ways in which they can spend this ethical money.

Expansion of the use of this ethically correct alternative currency and sharing of knowledge and information within the community stimulates the differentiation and forming of individual, as well as the identity of entire community.

It is hard to believe that in a long term, survival, development and promotion of a new - fair and sustainable - monetary system would be possible, sustained only by the volunteering of the diligent enthusiasts who are calling the world to establish healthy and ecologically balanced economy. Volunteering has a short lifetime and, moreover, the main purpose of volunteering is to create conditions in which the need for volunteering will become extinct - or is it not?

Besides everything else, in a process of bringing the project to its full potential, and for a purpose of faster reaction and better adaptation to variable market demands, broker’s role is a progressive realization of networking that contributes to reaching various public and maximization of the flow and exchange of not just values, but resources and information also.

Money structure in which Crom Broker works is a combination of fundamental characteristics such as innovation, durability, efficiency, quality and flexibility; that through positive mental approach is oriented towards raising a man by development of skills and knowledge even in most extreme conditions. Crom Alternative Currency that is offered as a value by a Crom Broker to all social and business segments is not just a final product, it is much more than that - in a world where everything has become just a consumer good, it is the transformation of business into different life stile - mens sana in corpore sano - in which everyone can take part in.

The offer "Become a Crom Broker" as a way of promoting and facilitating the circulation of ethical currency crom represents a honorable job of paid promoters that will work on the expansion of social network of people, businesses and organizations that desire transition from competitive economy based on fictitious money and financial speculation - into cooperative economy based on real values.

Crom Broker helps local communities when there are technical problems with the importation of the register of Transition Cheques - paper means of payment - into Crom Alternative Currency System. Crom Broker works on direct connection between consumers and farmers, artisans and producers. In other words, Crom Broker is paid for his job, through which, by providing support to the new worth appraisal and exchange system, he's contributing to the overall improvement of living conditions.

A member of the payment system of the "Broker" registration type can register new participants. For his work he receives compensation in the form of commissions of 5% on financial activities ("Crom transaction" and "Crom mobile transaction") between his members and other system members. Broker commission is calculated as an extra payment upon the original amount. Broker mediation for each member lasts 5 months from the date of his registration. During this time period, a broker will always assist his member with practical and technical issues related to the functionality of the Crom Alternative Currency System.

A non-verified participant cannot become a broker. Broker speaks English well. No later than 10 days after becoming a broker, that member also becomes a manager of the Crom Alternative Currency Local Group, which he forms on the forum of this association, in cooperation with the system Administration. In his first post, a broker presents himself with a brief introduction and one personal photo. A broker regularly updates information on the forum and publishes actual content related to his group. A broker is also working on the massification of his local group. Naturally, free creativity is the main ingredient of a healthy community.

Request form "Become A Crom Broker" can be found within the Crom Alternative Currency System, in the main menu on the left-hand side under "Personal / Documents".




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