Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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In order to transform fantasy into solution, it has to be realizable, and this functional economic mechanism is a result of integration of projective creativity and technological capabilities from the idea workshop whose ambitions transcend regular repairs and adjustments in pursuit of a new, unique and the best.

By respecting ethical and moral values, human rights and right of nature, various local identities and ambiences of different skills and abilities related to free individuality of personality communicate within cooperative community via modern interactive informative system in a way which allows them to satisfy their needs in a short period of time.

Web space of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association is divided into two basic parts: Worth appraisal and exchange system entitled Crom Alternative Currency System; and web site comprised, among other things, of alternative news, forum and link exchange directory.

Crom Website

Main Access

Crom Alternative Currency System

Main Access

The main access of the Crom Alternative Currency System is via the normal web page with security certificate.
SSL technology prevents your information from being stolen or intercepted.
All members can access via this page.

Quick Payment

This is a simple web page through which members can make payments in a quick way.

Mobile Access

With our access for mobile devices like mobile phone, smartphone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or others - everyone from everywhere can access the Crom Alternative Currency System for basic actions like perform payments or retrieve balance and transaction information.
This channel allows you to monitor and manage your account from anywhere, you always have access to up-to-date informations.


With the "Point Of Sale" access, shops and business can recieve consumer payments in a quick way.

External Web Payments

This module allows e-commerce sites to use the Crom Alternative Currency System as a payment provider.

Integration With Websites

The Crom Alternative Currency System main access and Crom Marketplace For Products And Services can be easily integrated directly into your web pages.




Money is everything what two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange. Novac je sve ono što dvije strane pristaju upotrebljavati kao sredstvo razmjene. Il denaro è tutto ciò che due parti accettano usare come mezzo di scambio. Latest News


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