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There are eternal principles about money and they are very simple and logical, but few people seem to think about them.

The first principle is that money is a means of exchanging wealth. Money is not wealth. Wealth is ideas, goods, and services. The purpose of money is to make it easy for buyers and sellers to exchange their ideas, goods, and services. If we keep this basic truth about money in mind, it can eliminate confusion about money. The exchangers of wealth are called producers and consumers of wealth, or labor and consumers. Actually, the producers and consumers and buyers and sellers are the same people. We can change from one role to another more than once per day. For example, when we use the telephone to create business we are consuming telephone services and producing income at the same time.


We are both consumers and producers of ideas, goods, and services. To realize this is very important.

The second principle is that the producers and consumers of wealth have the right to design, to print, and use any kind of money which works to exchange their ideas, goods, and services. This means that we have the right and duty to print money and create an intelligent money system that supports our production and consumption of real wealth.  It is the responsibility of each of us to create money. We each have the right and duty to design and print money and we can delegate this duty to anyone we choose. When we do this as a community, most people agree to use the money and this makes the money to work better. Money is dependent upon agreement.  When we spend our money, others can spend it also with us and others. Exchanging our wealth enriches everyone with a greater variety of ideas, goods, and services. Money is a merry-go-round, it has to circulate in order to work. This means that everyone has to have money for it to work as a means of exchange.

Whatever we produce, we have to produce more than we consume, otherwise we have nothing to trade or sell. Others have to have money to buy our production whether they produce or not.  But if someone is not producing there will be nothing to buy. We all have to have a regular supply of money, not only to buy what others produce, but the producers use money to finance their production.  Therefore, exercizing our power to design and print and distribute money in an intelligent and orderly way is very important.

We are the source of money and can design an intelligent and orderly money system. This is a very important thought all  citizens have to build into our self-esteem.  We have the power to create money. There is no financial security without the power to print and control money.  If the federal reserve bank money fails, we have to print it ourselves.  If fact, the federal bank money systems failed to serve people in a fair and orderly way since they were invented, because they are based upon debt and scarcity.

Third, this means that when money is printed, everyone deserves an equal and regular supply on money. When we all have some money, then we can start spending it with each other and buy from each other what we produce. The amount of money that we print and distribute should be based upon the total amount of ideas, goods, and services that are being produced in the community or country or the world. For money to work in a fair and efficient way, the money supply has to be proportional to the wealth supply. The more we produce, the more money we require to consume and use what we produce. Production has to be limited to the market, there is no point in producing more than we can use. And everyone does not have to value or buy what is produced.  Therefore, money should equal to actual production and consumption. There is a point when we have to stop production or maintain levels of production in harmony with our consumption capacity. This is basic common sense economics.

Money has to be distributed or redistributed regularly. When money is first printed and distributed equally, we begin spending it with each other.  But the people who produce the most will accumulate most of the money and other people will run out of money.  When this happens, then money has to be redistributed or more money has to be printed and distributed to everyone equally again.  If this is not done, then production will stop. Whether we print more money or redistribute the money already in circulation can be determined by what the economy is actually doing. If we are producing and consuming more wealth, then we can print more money and distribute to everyone an equal supply. If we are producing and consuming less, then we have to find a fair way to redistribute the money already in circulation so that we all have access to what is being produced.  Some production disappears when consumed, like food or entertainment, and others like tools and houses and cars last a long time and production has to be limited to consumption. Each industry has to understand its market and adjust its production to its market.

It is not possible for people to survive and prosper in a normal way, without some minimum amount of cash flow to every citizen from the money system itself.  Our economy changes too fast and is too complex for us to live in a debt based scarcity designed money system. Today this is also the way it works, the people who have money and are spending are the people who get income from the money system itself through the stock market or real estate income property.  This has the effect of raping the wage earners. It also destroys millions of businesses. Basically, the people who benefit from the bankers and are dependent upon the bankers money system are spending their money with each other and too little trickles down to the majority of people.  These "rich" people don't care about the common good. And they will punish the poorer people, for not participating in the corrupt system which they are winning in.

In other words, money has to be distributed regularly to all participants in the money system so that it can work in a fair and orderly way, either by printing more or by redistributing what we are using if this is more appropriate.  If money is paper or metal, we may choose a redistributing system.  If money is just ones and zeroes, then we can consume an infinite supply. Digital money just goes from computer to computer.

Money works best when the producers and consumers regulate the printing and distribution of money in a way that supports rational production and consumption. This can be done with accurate measurements of production and consumption in a democratic process. We have to be informed of what is actually going on and regulate our money supply accordingly. Everyone deserves a regular supply of money as long as it works.

Normally we would have an agency of the government print and distribute money to all citizens monthly. The amount distributed would be determined by gross domestic product for the community, state, or country. GDP is the total amount of production and consumption for the month or year.

Fourth, each government; local, state, and national has the right with the consent of its citizens to print the money for its budget. This makes the idea of taxes obsolete as a way of raising money for the government expenses.  Government expenses should be controlled by other factors than money scarcity. Obviously, government expenses should be controlled by the democratic process. All citizens concerned must participate in this process. We have the right to authorize the government to print and spend money for whatever projects that we authorize for the common good. We decide by a vote.

Everyone who thinks logically about these principles agrees that this is the way money should work, so why doesn’t money work this way?  The obvious answer is that most people don’t think intelligently about money at all. Most people are ignorant about money and don’t think about it except as it relates to their immediate personal expenses.  And most people don’t care about their community or their governments unless it gets in their way. Ignorance and apathy rule.

But now lack of money is getting in everyone’s way, so it is time for us all to become more responsible for money and for government. It is time for citizens to wake up and do something about money scarcity, abuse, and corruption.  The bankers will keep us in their prison of debt as long as they can.

Expressing our citizenships responsibility can also be easy and simple. We just have to have a relationship with four people: our elected city representative, our elected county representative, our elected state representative, and our elected national representative. We can communicate with each of these four people monthly. This is not much work.  The average person in most of the world is living in heaven on earth, but we have to exercise civic responsibility and realize our natural divinity to appreciate what we have today.

We can begin by sending this information to each of these four elected representatives every month until we get results.  Our future financial prosperity depends upon it.  After we succeed at this we can ask ourselves – what other valuable information do I have to share? What other issues deserve attention?  As a responsible citizen, we have to focus on one issue at a time and concentrate on it until we successfully achieve our goal.

There are two deeper reasons why we don’t have a rational money system. One is a spiritual problem. People do not seem to honor their natural divinity. We are energy, thought, and form.  We are Spirit, Mind, and Body. God is in the space between our thoughts. God is so close to us and so ordinary that nobody notices Him. We have 50,000 thoughts per day, so we have 50,000 opportunities to notice our Divine Nature.  If somehow we can get people to respect our Divine Nature and exercise full responsibility for our minds and bodies, we could have a better world in every respect.

Second, we have a debt based money system that is owned and operated by bankers. The purpose of this system is to keep everyone poor so we have to keep borrowing money and get deeper in debt. To understand this system, let’s look at the four basic sources of income for the bankers in this system:

The bankers who print the money and loan it into circulation charging interest on it every year. They print and pay themselves interest on all the federal bank notes in circulation every year. We don’t notice this, because they just print the money and pay it to themselves. In the last few years they printed a few trillion dollars extra for themselves.  If they can do this, why can't we also do this?  We have as much right to print money as they do.

The bankers’ loan money to the government and charge interest on this every year, it is called the national debt.  It is their goal to get the national government so deeply in debt that the debt can never be repaid. In most countries this has already been accomplished by them.  In the United States, all other American countries, and all countries of Europe, all tax income goes to the bankers for interest on the national debt.  This means that none of our taxes to the national government goes for paying government expenses. It all goes directly into the pockets of the bankers. The national government has to borrow its entire budget every year.  It has been the goal of the bankers to enslave each country like this since their money was invented. And because of the ignorance of the people as well as our elected representatives, they have been very successful. The bankers enslaved every country in Europe, except Russia several hundreds of years ago. They conquered Russia through the Communist Revolution. The banks control the governments and the governments control the people. This is sadly the way it is – democracy is at least a partial myth. Europeans have been slaves for over 400 years. U.S. Americans for only 40 years, since J. F. KENNEDY  was assassinated.  We can't have government of the people, by the people, and for the people without the people.  The ignorant and apathetic people are at fault for their own financial slavery, because we don't print money for ourselves.

These bankers, the owners of the national banks, only got the United States in this position in the 1970’s, after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. J.F.K. printed over six billion dollars of United States Notes to compete with Federal Reserve Bank Notes in a plan to phase out the bankers money system and replace it with a more democratic system that is owned and operated by the people. After J.F.K.’s assassination, all of these United States Notes were recalled and burned by the bankers that have almost total control of the government. J.F.K. couldn’t do it without us. Abe Lincoln printed United States Notes for all national governmnet experses 100 years before and they were still circulating in the 1930's.  The United States Notes that J.F.K. printed disappeared as soon as Johnson took office.

The owners of the national banks receive a percentage of all the bank loans in the country. Printing money is the most profitable business in the world. The fractional reserve banking system prints most money out of nothing. And loans it into circulation at huge profits - an infinite amount of profits. Economists have calculated that there is at least 30 times as much money as there is ideas, goods, and services to buy.  It is called the financial industry. The winners of this bankers money printing business have millions, billions, or even trillions of dollars with which play with each other. Meanwhile, over 30 million people lose their homes and millions of businesses go broke for lack of money.  The bankers, the printers of money rule the world, only for themselves out of greed for money and power over the rest of the people.  The idea of the common good has become obsolete.  Opression of money scarcity rules because of the ignorance and apathy of citizens like us.

From these three sources of income which are so enormous that they can never be spent, the owners of the national banks, who are the same people for every country, buy the most profitable businesses in every country.  From this they gain even more money and control and they use this money power to control the governments of the world and too many aspects of our lives in every area of our civilization. And in their arrogance they think that we, the people, are to stupid and apathetic to do anything about it.  Are they right?

This is what the bankers themselves say about their own system:

‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”  Mayer Anselm Rothchild – 1796

“The few who understand the system bank notes and credits will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people who are mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system in inimical to their interests.”  Rothchild Brothers of London

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented.

Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take away from them the power to create money, and, with the flick of a pen they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take away this great power from them and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear (he was said to be the second richest man in Great Britain) and they ought to, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But, if you want to be the salves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.”  Sir Joshua Stamp, President of the Bank of England

Every American who allows over 20% of their wages to be taken out of their paycheck and paid to the bankers is a slave of the bankers. They work one to two days every week to pay the cost of their own slavery.  Sir Joshua Stamp could never conceive of the depths and miseries of our bondage that we are in today. There are now more banks than churches and even Christians worship the power of the bankers’ money.

We either print our own money or we are the slaves of those who do. If we print money we are the masters of money, if we don’t print money, money is the master of us. It is our own victim thoughts that make us powerless.

There at least four kinds of money: bankers’ money, government money, local money, and personal money.

Everyone has the right and power to disign, and to print money.  One of the first persons to realize this was the founder of American Express. He printed United States Dollars and sold them at a profit. Personal checks are another form of money that we print ourselves, but it is a form of bankers’ money. Credit cards are another form of money that we print at the point of purchase.  Printing money is the most profitable business in the world.  We all have the power to design and print money.  Why aren’t we doing it?  Is it low self-esteem?  Is it ignorance?  Or lack of imagination?

When we do design and print our own money we then have to get it accepted by others to make it work. Is this difficult?  It is not more difficult than creating a money system based upon debt or living in the bankers’ money system. When we do it we will be free but we have to do it. Otherwise we will be slaves forever.

Any intelligent individual can design and print money and successfully market their money in a community.  Complimentary money systems are being created all over the world in every country. This is happening because bankers’ money leaves town and automatically travels back to the bankers.  In small towns and in big cities, when the money leaves town, people can’t do business with each other unless someone borrows money from a bank in the bankers money system – money is debt.  So the bankers’ money system doesn’t work very well except for the bankers who own the system.  It doesn’t work for the rest of us and so local money systems are being created all over the country and the world to supply the majority of the people with some money that they can do business with each other, with money that doesn’t disappear. And when local citizens print their own money, if it did disappear, they can print more. There is no financial security without the ability to print our own money. Local money systems are an extension of personal systems and our personal power.

George Washington printed all the money for the United States Government budget. This government money worked better than bankers’ money because people didn’t have to borrow the money and pay interest on it. But it failed because it also wasn’t fair. The only people who got the money that was printed were the people that did business with the government. So the people who didn’t do business with the government rebelled and raised prices to get money from the people who did get the money from the government.  Remember one of the eternal principles of money is that all people in the money system deserve an equal and regular supply each time it is printed and distributed.

Therefore, government can print money for its budget, but it also has to print enough to distribute to all citizens in appropriate amounts to enable money to work in an orderly and intelligent way. The amount distributed to all citizens would normally be related to the government budget in a rational formula.

China is now the most prosperous country in the world, because the government owns the banks, instead of the banks owning the government as is true in the rest of the world. As a result, the government of China has more dollars than the U.S. Government and more euros than any government in Europe. Muslim countries are also free from the banks because the Koran forbids the charging of interest on money.  Why do you think the bankers are financing the wars against the Muslim countries.

It was the bankers money system that forced most of our manufacturing out of the country, including to China and have proved Marx right, that capitalism would eat itself like a cancer. This is exactly what happened. Capital works when it can be created by everyone, instead of a select few.  The purpose of capital is to finance new ideas, not to inhibit them as the debt based money system does. New businesses require debt free money, not debt money.

Now you have the principles for money reform and it is within our power to implement them. We can create something wonderful.  It is time to act.

For more information, study the following websites: ; ; ; ; – the movie; ; – dead man musings ; ;

This information is yours to copy and distribute to all your relatives, friends, coworkers, local newspapers, and especially all your elected representatives.  You can also distribute it on the internet, in newsletters, magazines, and any other way that educates people. Your financial prosperity depends upon it. Nothing will change unless we act.

Are you looking forward to another 100 years of slavery? 

Nothing will change unless you do something with this information.


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