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Alternative currencies have already become a viable option, by using them we can build bridges between individuals, companies, countries and their unfulfilled needs and objectives. Crom Alternative Currency System is one of the valuable new tools available to all people worldwide interested in building a better future based on sustainable economy and common sense, financial democracy and social justice in whose heart beats the monetary sovereignty and financial independence of all community members as a basic condition of existing for any democratic civil society.

Here is another great news: Ithaca HOURS were visited by a top official of China's central bank, sent from Beijing by the President of the People's Bank of China (their Alan Greenspan) to talk about adopting HOURS as money in China. Wen Tiejun reported directly to the bank's president, who delivered the report directly to China's Premier. HOURS have since been established there.

Debt-Free Currencies: Ithaca Hours Going Global

According to the Ithacahours website, their debt-free money is going global. Great slap at the central banksters. While they may not state it in wording they have apparently discovered the basic axiom for debt-free money:

"There is a basic axiom on money that is either unknown by monetarists or ignored in favor of the many schemes used to enrich the few at the expense of the many. It goes like this:

"As universal prosperity is dependent upon the ability of Money to flow (its "velocity"), nothing may be done to money that would in any way impede that flow."

"This would exclude things like using commodities for money (gold, silver), adding bankers' gimmicks like interest to money, or in giving money additional uses beyond its sole legitimate use as a "medium of exchange."

"Money needs to be "created" into circulation by a system's wealth producers, never "borrowed" or "spent" into circulation by its bankers or consumers. It needs nothing backing it but the integrity of its issuers (in a second-rate democracy there can be no integrity).

"That is the rule, though it cannot be applied in this time and place. Money issuance is government's most sovereign prerogative, yet in honest form is as unobtainable as is the only workable FORM of self-government, a Republic.

"Had we a Republic, one of the very few prerogatives granted to the upper levels of government would be money issuance, a completely worthless medium of exchange, which being worthless would never be hoarded but would be quickly spent for something that one coveted for its intrinsic value. This velocity is what produces UNIVERSAL prosperity. Lack of velocity is what creates wealthy and impoverished classes of people, plus the struggling middle class that actually produces the wealth, and unfortunately, their ranks are constantly diminishing. "

While debt-free money cannot be instituted at this time by corrupt governments, obviously it can and is being utilized by some communities around the world. This is the biggest advance in monetary policy since the '30s when thousands of communities and counties across America issued currency that circulated during the Roosevelt bank holiday. Damn shame they quit it when the banks reopened. They proved we don't need the banksters leeching off our productivity. Another great advantage with Ithacahours or any local currency is that it is not acceptable outside the local economy and is therefore not siphoned off like a national or international currency would inevitably be. Central banks, including and since the first Bank of the US started by Hamilton do nothing for local economies but allow wealth concentration in the hands of the few while impoverishing the many.

This budding concept needs widespread distribution. It must be instituted when present governmental structures and the monetary systems they spawn collapse of their own internal rot and putrefaction.

By Bob Taft, The Taft Ranch - Upton, Wyoming



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