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There's no shortage of tools and resources online that can help you manage your money better. One of the best is the online calculator, which is available at all hours of the day and night and accessible to just about anyone with an Internet connection. By using online calculators, you can make big financial plans and project hundreds of dollars in savings in situations where you'd otherwise be nervous doing so on your own. If you haven't ever used a free online calculator before, give the following six a chance and you'll see just how useful they are:

IRS Withholding Calculator: While big tax refunds in spring are nice, deducting too much from every pay period can result in your monthly budget being lowered by hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. With that said, nobody wants to short Uncle Sam and have their possessions seized and locked away in a Storage Mart of Chicago. Withhold the right amount every year by using the withholding calculator available on the IRS website.

Cost-of-Commute Calculator: By choosing a comfortable route to work and other daily destinations instead of the one that requires the least amount of driving, you could be spending hundreds of extra dollars on fuel every year. Use a cost-of-commute calculator in conjunction with Google Maps to find the most cost effective routes for you to use on a daily basis.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator: You could ultimately wind up paying thousands of dollars in interest alone by failing to make responsible monthly payments toward your credit card debt. Use the Federal Reserve's credit card repayment calculator to locate a monthly payment that you can afford that will result in the least amount of interest paid as possible.

Cost-of-Smoking Calculator: If you or someone you love smokes cigarettes, they're spending hundreds if not thousands every year on the habit. In addition to the health dangers, this is plenty of reason to quit once and for all. Use this cost-of-smoking calculator to see the savings potential for yourself or to drive the point home for someone else.

Home Energy Saver: Americans waste a shameful amount of energy every year because of inefficiencies and bad energy usage habits. The Home Energy Saver calculator available through the Department of Energy is an enormously useful tool in the battle to lower energy waste and improve sustainability. Using a plethora of information about your specific living situation, it's certain to provide you with an itemized way to cut the costs of wasted energy from your budget.

There are countless free online tools and resources for helping improve personal finances. But among such boundless options, calculators are perhaps the most effective at helping you actually save more money. They're always available to use, are free of charge, and don't hold anything back. Now, if only there was a financial adviser like that.


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