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Yes, I am sovereign, and no, your approval isn't needed!
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TOPIC: Yes, I am sovereign, and no, your approval isn't needed!

Yes, I am sovereign, and no, your approval isn't needed! 6 years, 5 months ago #2972

Yes, I am sovereign, and no, your approval isn't needed!

Consideration number one: "Education"

Taking authority as truth, rather than truth as authority, is certainly one of the most effective ways in which science is being manipulated to fit a social-political agenda. The State education system is not a matter of personal choice. On the contrary, this centralized kind of schooling is rather forced on the people by the government since it is mandatory. Here's what Allan Bloom thinks about that: "the most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside." This journalistic headline is coming neither from the former Nazi Germany, nor from the former Fascist Italy, but it appeared 22 January 2015 on the home page of "Wall Street Italia" - one of the most popular websites in the fields of economy, finance, politics and news: "The same as in the Soviet Union. If you challenge the authority, you're mentally ill."

Consideration number two: "Promise To Pay"

If someone wants to deposit - for example euro gold coin - to his bank account, what happens next is pretty amazing. It cannot be done. Forbidden. Not permitted. Real material values are not allowed to circulate within bank accounts. To my comprehension, all over the world, legal tender is currently something without any intrinsic value, something that doesn’t exist in nature. Creation and circulation of the legal tender is thus nothing else than a mere book entry adjustment. Since all the so-called 'modern currency' is issued as a fictitious worthless debt, all this so-called 'modern money' automatically represents nothing else but the mere promise to pay. So how can something be paid with nothing? Since we are talking about the concept, that's not a problem at all. All it needs is some irrational blind belief that a written promise to pay is the same identical thing as the payment itself. And everything's just fine. But what if a fellow comes and pose the following three questions before accepting a banknote at face value in payment: "1) You promise to pay, with what? 2) You promise to pay, when? 3) What is the guarantee that in the meantime, the concept of time will not be changed?"

Consideration number three: "We The People"

The so-called 'Social Contract' is more than an intriguing piece of (allegedly) paper. When someone dies, his personal responsibility dies with him too. It would be quite interesting to determine if 'The People' lives an average 70-80 year human life span, or it is immortal? I appreciate very much that 'The People' demand freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of sexual expression, and the like. However, I cannot accept in any way 'The people's' demand for freedom of responsibility. So, who is 'The People'? Supposedly it is 'The People' who make a 'Country' and not vice versa. Since it cannot be fingerprinted, since it cannot be touched or seen, since it cannot be spoken to, and since it cannot be even defined - who exactly and precisely is 'The People'? If I'm not you, and you're not me, who is 'The People'? Maybe them? 'President', maybe? 'Government'? 'People's Court'? Strangely, although almost all actions both within and outside the 'State' are made by 'The People' or in the name of 'The People', everything that happens is not anyone's responsibility.

Without critical thinking there can be no serious research, and it is very unlikely that this last one could digest the story of competition and free or any other market in a distorted environment where: 1) there is no real relationship between supply, demand and prices; 2) the issuer of the sole permitted means of payment, and dictator of its price, is at the same time also the largest participant in buying and selling.
No matter how good someone is at something, he cannot become an expert in his particular field without official recognition from the establishment. There's no need to guess the reasons for this, the titles with which the elite rewards the professional classes guarantee the almost sure acceptance of their theoretical speculations by the citizenry. The reality is however that a well-polished diploma is not necessarily any indication of true expertise or knowledge, which is undoubtedly confirmed by the hard fact that on all fronts cataclysms of all kinds continues to stick to this civilization like flies to shit.
Although by ignoring the facts it can run away from the truth into some fantasy more to its taste, the deluded mind can never escape Stein's Law, which says that if something cannot go on forever, at some point it will stop. As a result of unsustainable and catastrophic economic, and consequently catastrophic ecological policy, the whole world is literally drowning in a sea of debt and trash - which itself further stimulates central banks in propagating the grotesque idea that if we achieve enough acceleration in all of this, somehow we can all break away from the gravitational pull of reality and thus avoid the inevitable tragedy.

"Who are we, when and how did we get here, and above all else why are we here?" - this is an unsolvable enigma for mankind, over which swords have been crossed for thousands of years already. The more science advances, this matter becomes more mysterious and society even further lost and confused.

With a short look back at the history, people can basically be divided into only two groups: those who want to control others, and those who want to be left in peace.
It is an undeniable truth that life in society conditions the members of that unnatural community - now already global - to be dependent upon each other, starting from the moment when they open their eyes for the first time and compose their first thought. The major role in this is of course played by the subgroup of human beings who constitute by far the largest part of the collective. Whether we admit it or not, in society there is no third option: you are either a leader or you are a follower. Certainly, we are talking about more than a broad spectrum, but it cannot be denied that all that colorfulness however, without exception, represents the followers - the faces whose present is taxed and whose future is predetermined, faces who need someone else's permission before they can solve their own problems. Parents manual workers, parents teachers, parents healthcare workers, parents fishermen, parents farmers, parents scientists, parents merchants - to mention but a few of those who allow designers of the concept of the State to educate their children to dependence and indoctrinate them to subordination. Isn't there something deeply wrong when all over the world, millions and millions of healthy children are forced to drink every day tons and tons of psychopharmaceutical drugs in order to become assimilated into the school system?
By implanting preconceptions and prejudices, therefore exercising through compulsory school education a profound influence on ways of thinking, judgment and creativity, the State - as the strongest and most widespread religious cult throughout history - is undoubtedly Factor Number 1 in the limitation of the true extent of human abilities, since they are inseparably connected to man's (in)capability to exploit the full potential of his brain.

To construct the dependence means to construct an extremely effective form of control. It's not so difficult to predict the behavior of the masses constantly bombarded through the media with warnings of countless dangers at every corner, from which only the State can provide adequate protection. If on top of that you add an unsustainable monetary system based on debt, with the threats of apocalypse in case of debt repayment interruption, you have literally enslaved the entire population. Happy or not, languishing in a cage still appears to prisoners a much better option than the exposure to risks lurking in an unknown monstrous atmosphere on the other side of the bars.

Everyone at the end of their existence faces those purposeful last moments in which their whole life passes before their eyes in just a few minutes. After having considered all they were doing and everything they had never done, most people feel miserable and totally disappointed. Defeated. They've spent a lifetime searching themselves, there where politicians guided them, there where bankers stimulated them, there where priests instructed them, and now they are dying without having found their real self. Although too late, some may eventually at the end realize that they made a fatal mistake because instead of within themself, they vainly tried to discover their real self in the outside world, where their personal happiness was never in their own hands.

Generally speaking, any discussion about man's real self should be superfluous, for the simple reason that he himself is born exactly as such. Belonging to society, that is, participating in other people's psychological fantasies - imposed on all human beings on this planet - is obviously however a circumstance that with considerable success leads a man to spend his entire life never becoming aware of his true self.
People who regardless of social pressures want to make their own decisions, in the past have been tortured and liquidated as outlaws and witches, today as terrorists, and tomorrow who knows... Whether it be a kingdom, a democratic State or a Church, the main characteristic of all traditions and cultures is that they themselves are the largest and most ferocious obstacle for a man to discover his true self. Because at the moment in which he discovers his real self, man becomes a distinct separate entity. The individual aware of the dramatic difference between the natural meaning of existence in terms of living, and unnatural in terms of functioning.
Once man became aware of his real self, in front of his nose has suddenly appeared the un-suffocated reality. He is therefore immune to social psychology, superstitions and exploitation. You cannot command anything to him, since he knows very well that it is his inalienable right to live according to his own comprehensions, without the need for any permission and/or license.
That something, which is necessary for life to flourish - to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment - differs from individual to individual. This is essentially the true meaning of individuality. Each of us is unique and original, but this diversity is the exact opposite of integration into the faceless uniformity dictated by society. In other words, the man who discovered his real self will live according to his own intuition, doing what he loves to do. Those who have failed to realize themselves in such a natural way, will instead function through some sort of false self, obediently executing the commands given to them by others in the name of unquestionable sacred betterment.

The satisfaction of basic needs is the primary prerequisite for the survival of human beings. Within society, persons completely left it to the government to care of this. Governments, in turn, gifted to a large extent the natural and social resources to private companies, which have inevitably turned: 1) the management and distribution into a very convenient way to profit; 2) injustice into a problem of personal deficiencies and incompetence - treated 'successfully' in many specialized clinics with therapy that teaches people to look at the exploitation from a positive perspective.

One man can kill another man in various ways, for example intentionally, acting negligently, by direct participation in the murder as an accomplice or by mediation between the instigators and perpetrators of the murder. A man can kill another man with his silence too, if he keeps his mouth shut when talking is his duty.
In order to be able to not allow others to govern him and to impose on him some kind of false self, the individual - the master of himself - in the first place needs to be independent in meeting his basic needs, which in practice means that he must have free and undisturbed access to natural resources. But the infinity of money, debts, needs, excuses and apologies, the infinity of the suffocation of humanity and infinite fear of all this, is of course expanding infinitely and so far has affected the entire terrestrial globe. In such an environment, we have a case of brutal crime committed by persons against the man - both when man's life is terminated due to the lack of necessary resources for survival that he was deprived of, and when man dies while legitimately fighting to get these means.

Inside a fiction known as the 'State', the social life is based mainly on assumptions. Some of these assumptions that fully condition the life of each citizen are quite insignificant, while others have a crucial impact and are mostly very harmful - such as, for example, the assumptions upon which operate groups of individuals who call themselves 'Government', 'Judicial Authorities' and the like. The most important of all the other assumptions of these figurative characters, is certainly the stratospherically false one that on the geographical area which coincides with the imaginary dimension also called the 'State', they - from their fictitious supreme social positions - have a jurisdiction not only over all 'Persons', but over all men and their property too. Quo warranto?
The fact is however that there is no reason in this Universe why should I believe in such speculations, without indisputable evidence of their exactness. No matter how authoritative their authors sound, and no matter how great the pretence of their self-proclaimed 'Statutory Rules' and 'Norms of Behavior' that these same assumptions are valid and obligatory upon everybody. In fact, the idea that someone is authorized to assail another and regulate every aspect of their life, is nothing else than mere baloney if it's not backed by something more serious and verifiable than futile stubborn insistence.

Fictio juris non est ubi veritas. In contrast to all these assumptions whose consequence is ever more severe and intense - forcing us into complete integration with the global collective, structured as it is of 'elements' adapted to total control, and deprived of the right to self-determination and of the right of free access to the basic means of survival - the exact and unmistakable identification of my being and of my inalienable rights derives above all from undoubtable facts as to where I do stand:

Beliefs don't change facts, but facts change beliefs. The fact that every man is born sovereign constitutes an integral part of the Universal Natural Law. All man's intrinsic rights are inalienable rights. Such rights are not granted by GOVERNMENTS, they are not privileges bestowed by SOCIETY, or created by documents. Therefore, such rights cannot be regulated, limited or revoked by any such power. Any supposed AUTHORITY that seeks to strip a natural right from the people is an illegitimate AUTHORITY.

Hallucination, it is worth remembering, means seeing what isn't really there. Regardless of what others say as to who and what should I be, standing as a living physical reality here where I stand - I am who I am - a free sovereign man, no matter what kind of unnatural rules surround me, because I am fully responsible for everything I do. To prevent a man's freedom of movement and freedom to exercise the right to survive by satisfying basic needs means not only to violate various so-called UNITED NATIONS DECLARATIONS and other so-called INTERNATIONAL LEGISLATION, but also and above all to commit the most serious crime under Universal Natural Law.

Since being completely out of the so-called 'System' and its 'Rules', I - Aljoša from the Đurić family, do not have a name, no surname, do not dwell, do not have a domicile, am not resident and have no address but without the need for any permission and/or license simply live honestly and peacefully wherever I am at any given moment. As a free sovereign man, I am under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Universal Natural Law. I do not represent anyone and no one has my consent to represent me - consequently, whoever dares to even slightly affect my life in that way, commits a crime.

Click on the link to read the rest of the text:

SOVRO - Sovereign Payment Instrument
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Re: Yes, I am sovereign, and no, your approval isn't needed! 6 years, 2 months ago #3001

"Trust" is generally defined as acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation.

Let's suppose there's a society, somewhere, called "Idiocracy".
Satisfied with existence of something called "equality of opportunity", inside Idiocracy everyone is working to their full capacity - considering it a great honor to work for their Government. Needless to say, children are all raised in the same environment where they inherit habits through their parents' culture.

Environmentalism is essentially all about the Nature protection. Within Idiocracy, on the basis of the "equality of opportunity" principle, everybody is allowed to be an environmentalist, but of course restricted in acting by Government control and regulations. Which inevitably means that some bureaucratic obstacles and interference of lobbies, accountants and lawyers can not only prevent environmentalists from ever getting started, but also impede their ability to follow the original idea in a way that at the end, all the work done results in exact opposite desired effect.

Now let me reveal a dirty little paradox with the "equality of opportunity" notion, so the extent to which the "freedom of opportunity" is being destroyed inside Idiocracy through mass education system and culture can become enough comprehensible.

Unlike Government, Man is part of Nature.
If I'm protecting myself, then at the same time I'm obviously protecting the Nature too.
If I want to protect the Nature and myself by living off the grid - simply and cleanly - collecting my own water, generating my own electricity and growing my own food, then you can surely call me "environmentalist".

Unfortunately, such a case represents an impossible mission.

The self-reliant man certainly cannot be called a "bad guy" just because he trust himself more than he trust others, Government included. "Self-reliance" is generally defined as reliance on one’s own efforts and abilities. As such, the self-reliant man tend to be free from others. But the core problem with "being free from others" is that it is exactly the opposite to "being treated as equal". If everyone must be treated as being equal, than everyone must be a member in the first place.
Agreeing with the "equality of opportunity" concept constitutes consent to freedom restriction. Just in case you still have a doubt regarding why within the "equality of opportunity" concept an opportunity "to be free from others" is not only not provided, but strictly forbidden from creating, here's a further explanation: members and non-members of Idiocracy are not equal, but very different. By accepting membership in Idiocracy, its citizens have voluntarily agreed to be all treated equally like shit. People who didn't want to belong to Idiocracy have refused to do the same thing, so treating them in the same way as exact equals to Idiocracy members would represent a crime.

Oh yeah you guessed it... all attempts to live independently will fail if based on the "equality of opportunity" concept. In one way or another, the long arm of the System will ensure the impossibility of these intentions to escape their destiny, which is to become just another entry inside the Registry of broken dreams.
The parasitic nature of Idiocracy Government makes easily understandable its denial of opportunity to individuals and groups to abandon the System. Every soul who becomes free of the System represents one less living being from whom Idiocracy Government can extract as much as possible labor and capital for its own benefit.

Unlike "equality of opportunity", which is a clever excuse for limitation of possibilities, "freedom of opportunity" offers to men almost limitless possibilities afforded by the combination of diversity of the people and the nature of the world. It’s that simple. There's a wide choice of possibilities out there, and for an individual it is all about picking the right ones. The point is that his success is not dependent upon others, but upon his ability of taking advantages of the opportunities available to him.
If man's success is a product of his own human thought and effort, achieved by following his own moral compass rather than desperately rely on Government input, funding and contracts, then this is a big threat to the System. Because this self-reliant individual, dear comrades, has set a very inspirational example by showing the world that man can exist, live independently and thrive outside of the control grid.
No one rules if no one obeys.
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