Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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 Partners Of The New Worth Appraisal And Exchange System

Thanks to investing efforts and resources into flexibility, "Crom Alternative Exchange Association" workshop functions as a laboratory for experimenting and testing good ideas that are worth distributing all over the planet. We believe in team work, and cooperation between youth, oldness, and different cultures.

One of the fatal errors for the survival of modern civilization is a false perception of the real and financial values. In fact, the entire supply chain, instead on trading and delivering what should be measured, is primarily based on the trading and delivering the measures themselves. Instead of trade and delivery of meters of land, liters of milk, kilograms of food, dinars of chocolate and kunas of bonbons - trade of euros and dollars is flourishing. In such circumstances, how can we expect the transformation of the pointless economy of competition into fruitful cooperative economics?

It's really hard to do it all ourselves. Partnering with local authorities, companies, associations, individuals and others in order to facilitate the achievement of common goals and provide the right solution in the right place at the right time - is very important for the success of the whole project and for further development of this new worth appraisal and exchange system where circulating alternative currency - an universal means of payment - is not burdened by debt and interest, and where everyone can choose as a mean of payment a medium of exchange that represent the best type of money to him.

Curiosity is a first characteristic of those we wish to become partners with. Honesty and sincerity sparkle in eyes of our partners. Stimulative working environment whose doors are always open to innovations is a place where we are all willing to learn and are always humble enough to carefully listen to opinions of others.

Social network we have built on this site, and business community we are developing, are integration in which through meeting of experience and creativity new projects are born that can ensure a safer and happier future to a man.

Partnership and cooperative relationships with companies, organizations and all those who show sympathy towards similar philosophies and revolutionary approaches, are our recipe for overcoming crisis periods and for realization of success.

Minimum Requirements For Partners Of The Worth Appraisal And Exchange System:

- partner is a member of the Crom Alternative Currency System,

- partner has placed at least one permanent advetisement on the Crom Marketplace,

- partner has published an article (link included) about this project on his website.

From our side, we will try to reciprocally meet your needs as much as possible.

If you would like to become our partner, feel free to contact us with your partnership and collaboration proposals.

We are proud to present the following list of our partners:




Money is everything what two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange. Novac je sve ono što dvije strane pristaju upotrebljavati kao sredstvo razmjene. Il denaro è tutto ciò che due parti accettano usare come mezzo di scambio. Latest News


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